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Block E-2, Torch Business Incubator, Xinxiang Development Zone, Henan

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Henan Yuhang Material Co., Ltd., founded in 2009 and located in Xinxiang High-tech Business Park, specializes in producing high purity of magnesium metal and high-quality magnesium alloy. It is China's only factory that does the industrialized production of Mg ≥ 99.99% magnesium ingots. It present, it has passed the certification of ISO9001:2008.

Henan Yuhang Metal Material Co., Ltd. is a drafter of the international standard (ISO8287-2011) of Magnesium and Magnesium Alloy, Chemical Composition of Magnesium Ingot and domestic standard (GB/T3499-2011 of Magnesium Ingot and won the 2011 Science and Technology Award of the Non-ferrous Metal Industry.

Main Products:

Mg≥99.95% and pure magnesium with special requirements to impurity elements

The products are mainly applied to deoxidation of high purity materials needed in nuclear power, aerospace magnesium alloy casting, high performance and high cleanliness magnesium alloy preparation and the company is a supporting unit of a number of military industrial enterprises.

② High-quality magnesium alloy sheet.

Incomparably particular raw material and excellent casting and rolling processes grant the products such features as uniform composition, delicate organizational structure, no inclusions, no cracks or other defects, smoothness, cleanness, superior performance and high rate of finished products and the products are widely used in military industrial products, electronic products and printing industry.

③ Semi-continuously cast magnesium alloy rod and billets. The effective control of sand holes, cracks and inclusion defects can greatly improve the performance and utilization of products and the products are mainly used in extruded, forged and directly cut products.


Company Profile

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Office : Block E-2, Torch Business Incubator, Xinxiang Development Zone, Henan
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